Finance + Slam! Together?

Practical Finance Workshops for Creatives + Slam!

Saturday, February 29, 2020

935 South Main St., Greenville, S.C. 29601
Suite 400 on the 4th floor

Workshops 10:00 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. (with lunch provided)

Slam! 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

If you attend all four workshops (which are free), you can attend or compete in the Slam! for free.


In celebration of Black History Month, Invest Like an Artist and The Watering Hole Poetry Org. are hosting Practical Finance Workshops for Writers and Artists. All are welcomed.


The right financial vehicles can more than triple your principle over time, as well as protect you from taxes, lawsuits, alimony, and other risks.

However, investment tools and wealth building vehicles have been historically regulated in ways that excluded people of color. As recently as the 1950s, African Americans were not allowed to own more than $5,000 worth of life insurance, regardless of their income, which means they couldn’t pass down any significant amount of untaxed generational wealth.

In writer and artist communities, financial support can be just as racialized. It’s no secret that arts nonprofits were historically a bastion of the upper class white interests and that their resources reflected those interests.

The Civil Right Movement dismantled these racialized restrictions for wealth building instruments and people of color moved to the forefront of arts nonprofits. It’s time to get the word out!


This event intends to unite communities of color and people in the creative fields with powerful financial knowledge and tools, regardless of income level. We are working to build 1) a Black Wealth Movement and 2) Passive Income for creatives. We want to do this through practical, applicable strategies that people can implement right away.


***This event is not in agreement with capitalism and its ideals. It is intended to help individuals understand some of the rules of this system, under which we will live for the foreseeable future, and to use that knowledge to advance themselves and their community.

***This is not a sales event. It’s not like those timeshare meetings. It’s not like those pay-$10K-for-the-real-information seminars. Yes, you will have the option to buy t-shirts, mugs, keychains, books, extended courses, etc, but the event itself is free with no strings attached.


1) A notebook (or laptop and charger)
2) A couple of juicy pens
3) A smart phone (optional)

9:00 AM    🍎Bagels & Networking


10:00 AM    📓The Blueprint: What You Don’t Know about Managing Cashflow


11:15 AM    📓Grant Writing: Get Paid More for What You Already Do


12:30 PM    🍎Lunch (Provided) & Networking


1:45 PM    📓Securing Your Future: Retire Right


3:00 PM    📓Primary Homeownership: Is Your Home Really an Asset?


7:00 PM    🎤The Watering Hole Slam!

Jevertus “J.B.” Burnett

J.B. is a licensed and registered financial professional with a passion for financial education and life-long learning. Understanding the financial disparity for the African American community, he left a managing position at a Fortune 500 Company in 2014 to make his hobby (financial education) a full-time career, built on meaningful and lasting relationships.

His current goal is to build Black Wealth by helping to put over $50 million of tax-free transferable wealth in place for Black families and helping clients invest over $10 million for passive income generation.

In just the last 6 months, he was able to put over $21 million of life insurance in place, protecting the legacies of over 50 families, and he has helped clients invest over $600,000 for passive income, making him 9th in the nation in the African American Market Unit, and 12th outside of the unit.

More importantly, he is married to his beautiful wife Courtney and they have two amazing children Savannah and Joshua.

Licenses: Life & Health Insurance License (multiple states), Securities License (Series 6 & 63), Certified Financial Educator (FDIC & Credit Smart), Certified Tax Preparer (non-active), Certified Customer Service Specialist

Candace G. Wiley

A career writer and professor, Candace began writing grants in 2014 and has written and edited grant content for individuals and nonprofits. Grant writing helped her find a way to support her writing, bring her community projects to life, and build relationships with influential people. For Candace, grants have been a path to accessing arts education, purchasing technology, creating arts spaces, joining writing communities, and stepping closer to financial freedom. Having been awarded nearly $100,000 in grants and fellowships, this type of funding has become a consistent stream of income for her.

In 2017, Candace began investing in real estate to add another income stream. At the time, she realized that she held toxic beliefs that relied on a W-2 promotion tier and a two-income household. After spending a year studying real estate and saving for a rental property, she leveraged great credit, lender initiatives, and timing. to purchase her first home for $600 down. She partnered with two other investors to learn under their guidance, while flipping three houses with them. Since then, Candace has partnered in several profitable flips, manages two vacation rentals, and structures healthy lending opportunities for people who want their cash or IRA to work for them.

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